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The Writers

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Sherman & Hull (Book, Music & Lyrics)

Caroline and Robert’s writing partnership includes several musical theater compositions including the original musicals, Empire, Hedy: Hollywood’s Secret Weapon, Goodney’s Ghost, Byzantium, and a children’s show, Diggy Hoffen Pepper Zee and the Colors of the Rainbow. They’ve also ventured to the wild side, playing cello (Sherman) and piano (Hull) in a Hollywood rock band. Caroline has written plays, tv shows, movies, and some best-selling business books; a background in finance and marketing; a BA from Colgate, an MBA from Kellogg. Robert, was a music major at UCLA, is a graduate of The New School University with a BFA in jazz and contemporary music, and was a Dean’s Merit Scholar at Pepperdine University School of Law. Bob has licensed his original instrumental music for commercial use and is an attorney with a music licensing and estates and trusts background.

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